H Series
parallel shaft helical gearbox

H Series

The H Series industrial gear unit is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in the medium and heavy duty sectors of the power transmission market.

The Modern design and construction of the H series offers many engineering and performance benefits including higher torque and thermal ratings, with a high degree of interchangeability of components.

The gear housing has been designed to withstand the normal forces whilst reducing weight to the ideal level leading to most optimal industrial gear unit solution available.

Technical Data:


Rated Torque Up to 342,500 Nm
Transmission i = 1,6 … 630
Power Up to 7,000 kW
Translation Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 stage
Gear type 80 - 630  (19 SIZES)
Type HA, HB, HC, HD

Input Mode

  • Metric system solid input shaft
  • Single or Double extended input shaft

Output Mode

  • Single and Double solid output shaft with key
  • Hollow shaft with Keyway
  • Hollow shaft with Shrink Disk
  • Splined solid shaft
  • Splined hollow shaft

Main Options

  • Cooling options including cooling coil, air/oil heat exchanger and external heat exchanger,
  • Forced lubrication options,
  • Shrink Disk
  • Backstop, base plates , coupling guards
  • Hydraulic and mechanical couplings,
  • Electromagnetic brakes.


  • Multiple mounting options including parallel offset,  foot mounted and shaft mounted

Horizontal or Vertical Mounting