K Series
bevel helical gearbox

K Series

The EX Series is specifically developed for the single screw extruder. This series comprises two and three stage helical units with integrated spherical thrust bearings to absorb high axial thrust loads of screws. It is available in both in horizontal and vertical mounting.

Technical Features:

Rated Torque Up to 72,300 Nm
Transmission i = 6,3 … 125
Power Up to 1,800 kW
Translation Stages 2- and 3-stage
Gear type 100 - 360  (12 SIZES)
Type EX-2, EX-3

Input Mode

  • Solid input shaft
  • Motor Flange with flexible coupling

Output Mode

  • Hollow shafts of various shapes and dimensions
  • Standard keyed hollow shaft to DIN 6885/1
  • Spline hollow shaft to DIN 5480
  • Customer specific mounting dimensions available

Main Options

  • Cooling coil
  • Heat exchanger
  • Temperature and oil level sensors
  • Force lubrication system


  • Foot Mounting in horizontal and vertical position